Leah Singh, the founder of LS Digital Tech, stands in front of a brick background.  She is wearing an aqua tunic with dark purple paisley design, black leggings and a white 3/4 sleeve  jacket.
LS Digital Tech, LLC was founded in 2021 by US-based speech-language pathologist Leah Singh, M.S., CCC-SLP.  
Leah's background includes careers as both a speech-language therapist and web designer/developer.  LS Digital Tech began due to Leah's frustration with finding professional quality, engaging and entertaining digital products that were also sophisticated enough to be appreciated by older children (including her own son) and adult English language learners.  As a result, Leah decided to create her own digital products using anime-styled illustrations.   
Anime and manga have been a passion for Leah since she was in middle school.