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R Articulation Speech Flash Cards-Initial, Medial, Final Positions of Words

R Articulation Speech Flash Cards-Initial, Medial, Final Positions of Words

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Keep students and learners of all ages engaged and entertained by our whimsical
chibi-style anime illustrations and engaging scenes on our R Articulation Speech Flash Cards.

42 card pairs (84 flashcards total) of chibi anime illustrated flash cards for the /r/ sound in words in initial, medial and final positions.  A wonderful resource for speech-language pathologists, parents of children with speech disorders, special education teachers, ESL/ELL teachers and similar professionals.

Flashcard size:  2 ½" x 3½"

Ages: 3 years and up.

Shipping & Handling: Please allow 2-4 weeks for product to ship.


Anime (a specific design of cartoon illustration and animation that originated in Japan) has taken the word by storm as shown by the success of video game/television series like Pokémon and Naruto.  LS Digital Tech products are illustrated with anime as the main aesthetic for characters, objects, backgrounds and content.  

All articulation flashcard backgrounds are designed using a variation of traditional Japanese design patterns that were originally used centuries ago.  Found on clothing and household items like kimonos and towels, these unique designs are still used in a variety of creative applications to this day.  For example, the R Articulation chibi flashcards have background patterns in the Kanoko or 'fawn' style pattern.  This circular pattern is said to resemble the spots on the back of a baby deer (


Standard Printed Flash cards.

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