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See, Say & Write English Phonics Worksheets-B

See, Say & Write English Phonics Worksheets-B

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Our digital/printable See, Say & Write English Phonics Worksheets for the consonant letter B are wonderful for in-person classes, one-on-one teaching, virtual sessions, or on-the-go practice on any device using a stylus: tablet, mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. 

See, Say & Write English Phonics Worksheets feature directions on how to say each English sound (phoneme) associated with it's letter form (grapheme).  3 pages of 1-syllable words beginning with 'B' are also shown for practice:  Say the words along with your learner and write them as well to enhance saliency and utilize a multi-sensory approach to learning language.  Print as many worksheets as you need or use on your mobile devices!

Includes 1 PDF of 3 worksheets for the English consonant letter 'B'.


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